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BOISE BLUES SOCIETY welcomes local musicians playing blues or “near blues” music to submit your upcoming shows to our web media as follows:

FACEBOOK EVENTS: Post your Event on your own profile or your band’s Page. Let us know about it via message at our BBS Facebook page, or email   Please put “Calendar” in the subject line. We will go to your event and Add it to our BBS Events section. We can not create your event for you, unless we are sponsoring it, or it would list us as the sponsor instead of you or the venue. We are happy to add all local blues and blues-like events to our page when you notify us.

OUR WEBSITE CALENDAR: Send us a message at with “Calendar” in the subject line. We typically post events on our calendar about 60 days in advance, when possible. If you send us events beyond that time frame we will schedule them to come up at the appropriate time.

Please tell us the following:
1. (required) Full Band Name.
2. (required) Venue Name, Full Address, Town.
3. (required) Date & Start Time (End Time if appropriate).
4. (required) Price or Free. If paid, ticket site address and/or at the door.
5. (required) Is venue family friendly or 21+ only?
6. (recommended) Contact info, phone, text, email or ?
7. (recommended) Your website, Facebook page, etc.
8. (optional) Band and/or Venue Photo.
9. (optional) Any Guest Musicians.
10. (optional) Any additional details you think people would like to know about you or your show.

We will post what you send us to our website’s Blues Calendar. The more complete information you send us the better we can represent you to your audience. Our time to look for more info is limited, so please make sure you give us at least the top 5 items above.

We do not send any events we aren’t sponsoring to newspapers or other town media, but you can easily submit them yourself via their online forms once you’ve assembled the necessary info.

Thank you,
BBS Board of Directors

Spreading knowledge and appreciation of blues music throughout Southern Idaho.