When:2nd Sunday of each Month
Venue:Playhouse BoiseBar and Friendly Wait Staff
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Music:Blues Only
Sunday November 10 Host Band: The Sawtooth Blues Band



The Playhouse is a family-friendly environment with a stage, large dance floor, and a sound system.   Youth are encouraged to participate in jam sessions.  BBS mentors will be available to answer any questions these young blues musicians may have.  All ages are welcome to come, observe, and learn. Drinks will be available for sale by the Playhouse, as well as BBS CD’s and related items.


Each Jam session will be managed by a volunteer appointed by the BBS Board of Directors.  The goal to make playing the blues both fun, as well as organized for smooth transitions. The BBS volunteer will be responsible for placing individuals into jam bands and designating the order, or priority, in which individuals and bands will play.  Each band or BBS composed jam band, or individual musician will be able to play for 15 minutes (or 3 songs not lasting more than 15 minutes) in order to allow full participation of those wanting to jam. At times, when the number of jammers is high, a limit of 2 songs or 10 minutes may be used.

Hosting Showcase Bands

BBS is seeking host bands that will be showcased at the Jam and play a 30-minute set to start the Jam Session.  Host bands will be able to sell their CD’s or other marketing materials to those attending.  Musicians in the Host band will also be responsible for covering when the need arises for a bass player, drummer, or another musician.  If you have a band and would like to be considered for a Host Band, please send an email to Boiseblueswilson@gmail.com (Dale Wilson) with your email,  telephone number, and the name of your band.  Host Bands will be selected based on BBS review of the band’s musical performance of at least one blues song by CD, Facebook or Youtube post, or another means of displaying their band’s musical ability. Application to be a Host Band does not assure selection as one.

Jam Players

Individuals and Bands will sign up for the Jam session when they arrive at the Playhouse.  Each Jammer, whether signed in by Band or Individual, will be assigned to play in the order in which they registered to play when they arrived.  If a Band is not ready to play at the time called because a member is missing, the Band will be moved down to the next available priority until they arrive; or, the Band may choose to play with an Individual Jammer substituting for the missing player(s).


The Showcase Host Band will be providing a drum kit and bass amplifier for all musicians.  BBS will be providing microphones, with the Playhouse providing the sound equipment and sound engineer.  Bands or individuals needing a keyboard should bring their own.  Other instrument equipment is also the responsibility of the individual or band participating.

We appreciate your support and hope to see you there!