The Boise Blues Society has a stated mission of promoting blues music in Idaho.  What better way than to get instruments and related equipment into the hands of youthful musicians who may develop an interest in the blues; and even if they don’t develop an interest in the blues, it is still a great investment in our youth.  If you have instruments that are not being used or gathering dust in a closet, please consider donating the instrument or related musical equipment to the Boise Blues Society for inspection, repair (if needed) and distribution to local school music programs for use by their youth.


Areas of ongoing music program needs include:


Horns-All Types 



Bass Guitars

Electronic Keyboards



PA sound systems

Violins and other String Instruments


Partnering with the Boise Blues Society to inspect and repair instruments and equipment include John Bolin with Bolin Guitars [email protected]

 and Chris Murray with Murray Amplifiers [email protected].  For horns and drums, volunteer  Bryan Fickel [email protected] has agreed to help BBS get these musical instruments to our youth.  If you have expertise in the inspection and repair of used instruments and want to volunteer your services to help, contact BBS at [email protected].  You volunteer your expertise and BBS provides the supplies you need for repair, if warranted.


For a prior video about our program from a couple of years ago, see this clip from Channel 6 television: