Heather Ray
Borah High School

The Boise Blues Society came on two separate occasions to work with the Borah High School Student Jazz Vocalists and Instrumentalists. We had a great time. The groups were fun to work with and very well prepared. Not only did my singers get a real chance to experience blues, but they all were given solo opportunities and fun percussion instruments were brought to keep all of the students engaged! Our second experience brought some VERY talented and knowledgeable members. This was for my jazz instrumental combo. It was neat for my students to see a combo that had NEVER played together, come together so quickly. It was perfect that two of the four had experience playing in local HS combos for the HS Jazz choirs so they really could talk to the kids directly about their experiences.

Thanks so much for the experience! Well worth our time! ?

Teresa Colebrook
Music Specialist/Choir Director Garfield Elementary School

Our kids here at Garfield absolutely LOVED your group!! Thank you SO much for sharing your music and your amazing energy with us!! Hope we can have you back again sometime!

Darryl Gerber

Garfield Elementary students and staff loved the presentation by the Boise Blues Society Band! They were entertaining and educational. We enjoyed learning about the history of Blues music and discovered how different instruments can “bend” musical notes. While the band was playing, it was difficult for students not to jump up and dance to the music. Thank you for this opportunity to expose our school community to the Blues!

Melissa Mitchell
Kindergarten Teacher Koelsch Elementary

Our kindergarten class was clapping and rocking out the entire time. The Blues Society made it so engaging, entertaining and fun!

Erin Scott
Teacher Koelsch Elementary

The program was absolutely wonderful! The music was great and I thought the way the information that was presented to the kids about the instruments and different kids of blues music was very “kid friendly.” I loved it!

Joan Bigelow
Principal Jefferson Elementary

Thanks to the Boise Blues Society for coming to Jefferson Elementary. The presentation was educational and energetic. We appreciated the focus on learning about the instruments and the history of the instruments. We were pleased that students at Jefferson were exposed to a genre of music that many of them had not heard before.